Cyber Security
from Zero to Hero

Start date: 24 September 2024

Eit - Deep Tech Talent Initiative - Pledger

Enroll in this course to gain the knowledge and the technical skills to become a Cybersecurity Certified Professional.


CompTIA Security+


50 hours
8 weeks


Online Instructor-Led Training with Live Instructor



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In today’s digital age, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated. From protecting sensitive data to safeguarding critical infrastructure, cybersecurity professionals are in high demand. 

Our course takes you through the specific skills needed to be a Cybersecurity Professional, from zero to a certified specialist.

The course content will touch in depth every aspect of cybersecurity, including network security, access control, threat detection and the latest tool and technology that can help you defend your data and your organization’s data. 

Learning Objectives

  • Gain a strong foundation in cybersecurity principles and practices, enabling you to understand and address security challenges effectively.
  • Secure Networks and Systems: implementation of security measures to protect networks, systems, and data from various threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Detect and Respond to Security Incidents: identify and respond to security incidents promptly, minimizing potential damage.
  • Manage Identities and Access: manage user identities, access control, and authentication systems.
  • Assess and Mitigate Risks: risk management process and its  application to protect organizations from potential threats.
  • Utilize Cryptography for Security: knowledge of encryption and cryptographic methods to ensure data confidentiality and integrity.
  • Prepare for CompTIA Security+ Certification: You will be well-prepared to pass the CompTIA Security+ certification exam, a valuable credential in the cybersecurity field.


Short e-learning introductory course on Cyber Security Awareness.

  • What is Cybersecurity?
  • Why is Cybersecurity Important?
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Common Cybersecurity Threats
  • Impacts of Cyberattacks
  • The CIA Triad (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability)
  • Basic Cybersecurity Terminology
  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Network Security
  • Common Network Threats
  • Wireless Security
  • Introduction to Threat Detection
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  • Threat Mitigation
  • Case Studies and Attack Simulations
  • Principles of Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Authentication Techniques
  • Identity Management
  • Access Control Model
  • IAM Tools and Technologies
  • IAM Monitoring and Auditing
  • Security Regulation
  • Risk Analysis
  • Security Operation Center (SOC)
  • Fundamentals of Cryptography
  • Encryption Algorithms
  • Hashing and Data Integrity
  • Key Management
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Cryptography in Communications
  • Overview of Security Technologies
  • Network Security Tools
  • Application Security Tools
  • Vulnerability Management Tools
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Security Automation Tools
  • Overview of the CompTIA Security+ Exam
  • Review of Key Concepts
  • Operational Security
  • Critical Issues and Best Practices
  • Practical Exercises
  • Q&A Session

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    European Level

    This course has been developed for Deep Tech Talent Initiative, which purpose is to fill the skill and talent gap in Europe and to provide learners with the right tools to face the next wave of innovation.

    Qualified and Certified Teacher

    Your teacher is a certified Cyber Security professional who is dedicated to helping you prepare thoroughly for your certification exam, ensuring you perform at your absolute best.

    Professional and practical training

    The training is aimed at freelancers and employees alike. The course will have a practical approach, enabling learners to immediately apply the theory they’ve learned.